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HTG: 3 MORE Dapper As Fuck Styling Thoughts - Fall/Winter Edition

So, the great #curvygirlfriends over at Plus in The DMV (@plusinthedmv) asked for me to keep the party going after my The Honorable Trap Gentleman's™: 5 Dapper As Fuck Styling Thoughts article shook up the scene, so I'm giving them 3 more Dapper As Fuck thoughts for the around the corner season called FALL AND WINTER!!!!!!! I mean it's definitely my favorite season FOR DRESSING!!!...THAT'S IT... cause I'm still a Louisiana man, and we don't do cold weather too well lol. So, sit back and relax...I'm lying...Scoot to the edge of your seats because I don't want yall looking all raggedy cause you guys have to cover up for the next 4 to 6 months.


Scarfin' while Trappin

I remember at age 13 having my grandmother hand me a scarf when I was heading out of the house to catch the city but to school. I thought that it was the weirdest and most uncool thing in the world to wear. But she wasn't giving it to me for the style but because she didn't have time for a sick child who thought getting sick was the ticket out of going to school lol. Later in life, as I developed some swag and fashion purpose, I became interested in wearing scarves because at this point I'm seeing them as an accessory of prestige and with the right color it was the thing that really set you outerwear apart from everyone else. One of the things that I enjoyed as I progressed more in life was learning that it was more to it than throwing it around your neck.... there were actually different ways to tie it around your neck. My favorite is the "Open End Through the Loop".... showed a level of dapperness but easy enough that you didn't choke yourself trying to be different.

Tip: The lengthier the scarf, the more presence it holds. Macy's, Nordstrom Rack and Stein Mart are my favorite places to find them in all fabrics and colors.


Boots: There’s more than the Cowboy and Ralph Lauren style...

It's no surprise that boots have been a staple in fashion and everyday life since...FOREVER! One of the things I enjoyed as I became more fashion conscious is that there's more to boots than the cowboy and Ralph Lauren Polo style boots. There are so many different styles that mimic the oxford, monk and even the slip on that makes your choices endless. I laugh to this day thinking about how I stood in a store for about an hour debating how I would be viewed wearing a zip-up dress boot, but it took an elegant and refined woman to pass and say "Niiiiiice" for me to quickly run up to the counter and make the purchase lol. Am I the only man that has been inspired by a woman to buy something??.... Oh Ok!!!! *side eyeing the liars*. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a beef with cowboy style or Ralph Lauren Polo style boots because I own them both with jeans tucked in or with a great pair of corduroy pants. Don't trick yourself out these streets from being dapper when it comes to boots and being the one who gains the nods of a job well done...

Tip: Make sure you keep your boots shined and sprayed with fabric protection against the harsh elements that come with fall and winter. There are some great care videos on YouTube.


Corduroy, Camel Hair, Leather...and THAT DAMN MERINO WOOL!!!

One of my faaaaaaaaaavorite things about the fall and winter is bringing out the fabrics that make these seasons the best dressed time of the year for me. Everything from my camel hair sportscoats to my corduroy pants *old school music playing* and even my leather jackets, these fabrics, no matter the attire can create some pretty dope but dapper styles. One thing that makes me really feel like I'm the shit, are my merino wool sweaters..."Looka Here" *in my deep Louisiana voice* lol...Love them!!!! I appreciate the softness of the fabric, but there's also something about how the colors present themselves within this fabric. I have them in V neck, shawl collar, crew, and even cardigans so you can only imagine the flavor you could bring with all these different styles. Play with some fabrics that you feel comfortable with and then proceed with the styles you like even if this is something new for you....DO IT!!!!

Tip: Mixing fabrics is definitely ok but don't turn your nose up at having the same fabrics from head to toe. I have a corduroy suit that bust heads every time I wear it.


Fresh news is coming soon on The Honorable Trap Gentleman Collection......Stay Tuned!!!!!

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