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The Honorable Trap Gentleman's™: 5 Dapper As Fuck Styling Thoughts


I was just sitting up one day drinking my Simply Peach juice with my side glass of Padre Azul Reposado and thought "You need to find someone to write all those articles that you have ideas for." However, I had to understand that a few misspelled words and run-on sentences shouldn't stop me from throwing my thoughts on digital paper using my own non-manicured hands (I promise I'm going next week to fix that lol). Views of my grandfather walking around looking like he had a corporate job every day wasn't about fooling us to think he was still working at the age of 70, but to show us what it was to be dapper as fuck. Well, here's my dapper as fuck style thoughts:

Explore with COLORS!!!

Pink, Stripes, Yellow and Plaids....Come on now.......don't allow yourself to assume that certain colors/patterns are not for you. At least try them out and look at yourself in the mirror but also allow your vibe/energy to make the final decision. There is stigma with regards to certain colors for certain skin tones and seasonal colors but let's be honest here.......WHO GIVES A SHAKY TURD???? DO YOU!!!!!


Pinterest is STILL the SHIT.

You'd be surprised by what a few keywords in the search bar will give you. I was preparing my attire for FFF Week 2018's All White Yacht Party and wanted some fresh ideas. Typing in "Elegant/Yacht Party/Dapper/Southern Gentleman" provided me with some exciting pins, to say the least. I was so tired of the standard white linen suit, so I went with a cotton style single breasted suit with a white Charles Thywritt french cuff shirt, white Cole Haan ZeroGrands and a white boater Trap Gentleman signature hat. I then realized that red and blue with rose gold jewelry would be my offsets. All in all, Pinterest provided me with multiple photos that helped with this process and any style for any event can be discovered with the right keywords.


Shoes are your signature...Let them do the talking for you!

The Honorable Trap Gentleman's Custom Shoe Collection COMING SOON.

Shoes, since their discovery into human nature, have always been the monumental piece of apparel for our body. The right shoes can sometimes be as representing of yourself as an autobiography. But don't forget that with the wrong shoes it can make you look like you didn't care from the time of rolling out the bed to the fact that your "favorite pair" are the same ones that you walk on the back heel of. The condition and cleanliness of your shoes should be a top priority no matter what your shoe style is. You'd be surprised how its second nature for people to look at your shoes as a judging tool but its true.


"Can I get...Nostaaaalgia for $300, Jim?"

Nostalgia with regards to style has never been a new thing. Photos of how my grandfather dressed back in the 50's and 60's always give me inspiration when I'm looking to make a lifestyle statement with my attire. I laugh so hard now when I think about his love for suspenders and how I use to frown on them as a child, but now they are one of my favorite additions to how I dress. When you get a chance...type in "Harlem Renaissance" in Google and just sit back and admire the glam, dapperness, and elegance of the attire from that time period. Most consignment and vintage clothing stores continue to grow with the critical thought that certain styles will always repeat themselves through the times or you're thankful enough for a few items to be left behind as a symbol of love by those you've lost.


It's a Timepiece...not a Watch.

I remember being with my grandfather around the age of 10 for his doctor's appointment when this lady asked him for the time. I'll never forget the gleam in my eyes of him pulling out his pocket watch with such a snap of his wrist and hand. It was my first time seeing such a thing especially with it being connected to a chain inside of his sportscoat. Timepieces have continued to give those that respect the sight of one the best feeling ever especially in this tech age where smartphones do everything. "Google...Siri, What time is it?" replies...."I have not learned to do that yet."So the elegance and dapper essence of having a great timepiece as an accessory is one thing that I hope to keep going for generations to come.


Keep in mind that style is a part of your personality, essence and life. The world is your stage so always continue to evolve and be inspired from others. We deal with some folks that try to make you feel like all things fall under certain guidelines and this is why to some people this article may be absolute bullshit but for someone it may be GOLD. This is what The Honorable Trap Gentleman™ represents all day.....every day.

Please share this article if you want to continue the movement of being different and pissing off those that follows society's mold.

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