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The Honorable Trap Gentleman's Up and Coming.

What’s up y’all!

I’m Jonathan and I am The Honorable Trap Gentleman.

Since there's been alot of questions, I wanted to tell you upfront what you can expect from The Honorable Trap Gentleman.

As a man who enjoys living a certain lifestyle, I learned early on that you don’t have to spend big to live like a king. In my life I’m constantly being asked how I do what I do without breaking the bank.

I created the dream to share the day, the life, the clothes, the food, the struggles, and the advice of me…

When I started this, I realized that a lot of brands just push other brands. You won’t find that here. Yes, some of the brands I love will be featured and mentioned.

But The Honorable Trap Gentleman is about a lifestyle.

So, here are a few things you can expect from The Honorable Trap Gentleman:


I was born and raised in Louisiana and naturally have a love of food, especially Southern and Louisiana dishes. You can look for discussions on best dishes to try at restaurants inside and outside of Louisiana, what makes Louisiana food the best damn cuisine there is, and how to make meals in your own home.

L to R: Boiled crawfish, Poutine, Soft Shell Crab, Cajun Crawfish and Steak Pasta

Fellas, I gotta level with y’all here.

Look, we’ve been slipping on our cooking skills. You have to know how to cook as a man too.

We’ll be covering recipes for everybody to throw down in the kitchen, even if you’ve never cooked before.


As a gentleman, I enjoy wearing Ralph Lauren, Magnanni, Rubenstiens and more. I like to look good… hell, who doesn’t? But I don’t believe in expensive price tags for fashion. I’ve gotten tailored, NAME BRAND suits for up to 83% off the retail price.

I’ll tell you a secret.

I’ve NEVER paid full price for a piece of my wardrobe.

The Honorable Trap Gentleman

Why would you ever pay full price when you can get a deal? I’ll be showing you exactly where and how to find the latest fashion at way less than what you’d ever pay without the tips and tricks I use.

Including exclusive, custom pieces, and one of a kind pieces that The Honorable Trap Gentleman recommends, like pocket squares and lapel pins that you won’t find elsewhere.

Wardrobe emergency?

Don’t know how to tie a bow tie?

Not sure how you should store dress shoes?

Look out for our tutorials to help you through fixes like this.

And for my big and tall brothers, I’ll be highlighting the places and brands that really serve us.

Ladies, this is your chance to dress the man in your life in style on a budget too. Get Dad, your brother, or your man into powerhouse clothes that look good on him without breaking the bank.


As a black man, there are a shit ton of issues that I deal with and see my community dealing with everyday. Some we talk about and some we don’t, even though we should.

If "Blackish" tackles issues, we can too

This ain’t the place for Hoteps, happy-go-lucky servants, or people who wanna stay in the dark.

The Honorable Trap Gentleman is all about helping and healing our community, and that means talking about real shit that happens around us. No topic is off-limits and real talk is the only way we get down.

Get Out Your Feelings And Pay Attention.


A lot of people think traveling is expensive or impossible on their budget. But that’s not true. There are flight deals, executive suites for the low, and plenty to do that doesn’t cost you major money, even if you’re going with the family.

We’ll talk about how-tos, dos, don’ts, must-sees, and must-gos for Louisiana, the U.S., and traveling abroad.


I’m a business owner with over ten years in the game working for myself.

We’ll be covering entrepreneurship or furthering your career if you want to work for someone.

Lifestyle and Social

The Honorable Trap Gentleman is meant to give you a look into my life. So, you’ll be seeing events, galas, meetings, everyday moments and more.

You’ll have full access to The Honorable Trap Gentleman life.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the podcast series

I Am The Brand Dream.

Are you ready?

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