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What is a trap gentleman?


He is a man that bumps Jeezy, grooves to Maysa, enjoys good food, and better style.

























The Honorable Trap Gentleman was created by Jonathan Ellison as an all-access, real talk exclusive for men and women who want more. As a social figure, Jonathan knows the best events, food, culture, music, drinks, travel, and fashion. 


He wears Yves Saint Laurent, stays in bomb ass hotels, travels, and enjoys life to the fullest. With access to the best deals, tips, and tricks from his life of dope shit, he’s here to show you how you can do it in style too.


Regular shit is dead. 

Upgrade in every way is the move. Think you can’t afford that tailored suit? That’s a lie. Assume you don’t have the cash for that luxury suite? That’s a lie too. Can’t find the best food suggestions? Got you. Wondering about travel spots and experiences? Got that covered too. Want to invest in the stock market but don’t know where to start? The Honorable Trap Gentleman will show you the right way to do it.


Join The Honorable Trap Gentleman himself, Jonathan, as he gives you his insights into real talk, real luxury, and living your best life. As The Honorable Trap Gentleman himself, Jonathan knows an affordable, enjoyable lifestyle is real…

Because he lives it himself.







































And he’s here to share it with you so you can do big too.


The Honorable Trap Gentleman is about You, the Life You Live, and the Life You Want.


There are a lot of lame ass brands out here pushing a whole lot of nothing for way more money than it’s worth. You deserve to know what’s what and not just take the bullshit they shovel you. Stop allowing others to make you feel like an enjoyable lifestyle is outside of your budget. Find advice on the best, latest, and life.


The Honorable Trap Gentleman will show you that levels there are to this shit so you can live like a boss. Small thinking never gotcha ass anywhere.


Blast some Gotti


Have a drink


Get Out Yo Feelings And Pay Attention!